Friday, 27 February 2009

Iraqi CP Commemorates "Communist Martyr's Day"

On "Communist Martyr's Day" (14th February)
Iraqi CP holds big meeting in Baghdad

The Iraqi Communist Party commemorated Communist Martyr's Day with a big meeting held on 14 February 2009 in the National Theatre in central Baghdad. This annual event was of special significance to Iraqi Communists because it marked the 60th anniversary of the execution of Comrade Yousuf Salman (Fahad), the founder of the party, and two leading comrades, Hazim and Sarim, on 14 and 15 February 1949.

The meeting was attended by members of the Central Committee of the party and hundreds of members and supporters. Several government officials were also present. Comrade Subhi al-Jumaily delivered the speech of the Central Committee. The programme of the event included recital of poetry, songs by "Friendship" group, and
a silent theatrical performance by the "Ninorta" theatre group. The well-known poet Aryan Sayyed Khalaf read out rousing poems specially dedicated to this solemn occasion.

The meeting was also addressed by the secretary of the Union of Writers, the poet and comrade Alfred Samaan, who recalled the final moments of the martyred party leaders, as they bid farewell to their comrades in prison before heroically facing execution. A message was delivered to the gathering on behalf of the families of party martyrs.

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