Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Iraqi CP - Central Committee holds meeting

The Central Committee of the Iraqi Communist Party
Holds its Regular Meeting

The Central Committee of the Iraqi Communist Party held a regular meeting on 17-18 September 2009. The meeting began with a minute of silence in memory of the comrades and friends who passed away, and for the martyrs of our people who were the victims of cowardly terrorist acts.

The meeting considered the developments in the political situation in the country since the previous meeting of the Central Committee (on 24th April 2009). It discussed at length the political dynamic and the alignments that are associated with the ongoing preparations to participate in the forthcoming elections of the Parliament. The meeting dealt with the issue of the Election Law, stressing the party's position that calls for adopting the open list, and for Iraq to be considered a single electoral constituency, because it is the best version in our country’s present circumstances, and more just and democratic.

The Central Committee also considered the format of the party's participation in the forthcoming elections, and decided to continue the consultations and meetings with the various national and democratic forces, parties and political blocs. In this context, the meeting endorsed the electoral program of the party and its action plan leading to the polling day on 16th January 2010.
In evaluating the party work, there was an extensive discussion of the performance of the party leadership, the specialized committees, party organizations and the outcome of deliberations by the Advisory Council. The meeting also endorsed the results of the conferences of party organizations and the election of provincial committees.

The meeting positively evaluated the achievements in various fields of party work, and adopted a set of measures aimed at developing and enhancing the performance of the party, and building active party organizations that are closely linked to the citizens and their worries, defending tirelessly and consistently their interests and rights. This is essential for building a mass party, and for enabling the party to carry out its role and mission, and to continue its struggle in the interest of the people and homeland, moving forward to build a democratic civil federal state that is fully sovereign and independent.

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