Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Iraqi CP: Solidarity with the Palestinian people against Israeli terrorism and settlement policy‏


In Solidarity with the Palestinian People
Against Israeli Terrorism and Settlement Policy

The acts of Israeli repression and terror have escalated in recent days against the Palestinian people in the occupied territories who have been confronting the racist settlement policies. The occupation authorities and the gangs of settlers have committed new crimes, killing four young Palestinians in Nablus. These developments have come at a time when voices of international protests have escalated against the refusal of Netanyahu's government to stop settlement expansion and land confiscation in the occupied West Bank, and against its utter disregard of the United Nations and the international community.

While strongly condemning the killings and crimes of torture committed by Israel, reaffirming solidarity with the Palestinian people and their legitimate popular resistance to occupation, and calling for international protection for the Palestinians, our Party looks forward to the restoration of Palestinian national unity as a principal prerequisite for achieving Palestinian people's rights, liberation and independence, in particular the right to establish their own independent national state on their territory, impose a complete cessation of Israel's settlement policy and end the occupation in accordance with UN resolutions.

Political Bureau of the Central Committee
Iraqi Communist Party

22 March 2010

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