Sunday, 2 May 2010

Iraqi CP .. May Day rally and march in Baghdad

Iraqi Communists lead
May Day rally and march in Baghdad 
A march and a mass rally were organized in central Baghdad on Saturday 1st May 2010, by the Iraqi Communist Party, workers trade unions and civil society organizations to celebrate May Day.
The march started off from under Nasb al-Hurriya (Freedom Monument), the national historic landmark in Sahat Al-Tahrir (Liberation Square), going through Saadoun Street. 
At Firdos Square, the rally was addressed by the leader of the party, comrade Hameed Majid Mousa, and also by workers unions. The march eventually ended at the party headquarters at Andulus Square. 

Comrade Mousa called upon the Iraqi workers to take a leading position in charting Iraq’s future, and to fight for this role, pointing out that rights are always seized rather than be granted. He also expressed the party’s support for the demands by state sector workers to regain their rights to trade union organization, and for legislating a new labor law, along with putting an end to government interference in the affairs of all unions and associations. 

The Iraqi CP leader said: “Workers will remain a guiding beacon, for all the people, leading the way forward for social progress, democracy and socialism.” He also paid tribute to the sacrifices of Iraqi workers; fearless of prisons, repression and expulsion from work, in the struggle to achieve freedom, independence and a prosperous life for the Iraqi people.  

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