Thursday, 22 December 2011

Communiqué of the Meeting of the Central Committee of the Iraqi Communist Party

 Communiqué of the Meeting of the Central Committee of the Iraqi Communist Party
Thursday, December 22 2011 22:06

The Central Committee of the Iraqi Communist Party held its regular meeting on Friday 9th December 2011. The meeting opened with a minute of silence in memory of comrades and friends who have passed away, and the martyrs of the people who were victims of cowardly acts of terrorism. The Central Committee considered at the meeting the work of the party since its previous meeting on 20th May 2011. In this respect, there was a lively discussion about the performance of the party leadership, specialized committees and party organizations, as well as the outcome of the deliberations of the Advisory Council.
The meeting praised achievements in various fields of party work, and adopted a set of guidelines and actions aimed at further development and enhancement of the performance of the party, and building mass party organizations. It emphasized the need for paying attention to protest and mass movements and popular demands, and defending people's rights and their just causes.
The meeting considered the developments of the political situation in the country, and the multi-faceted crisis, especially the growing crisis of governance, and the atmosphere of mistrust between the political blocs and their fight for power and influence, which is inflicting heavy damage on Iraq’s present and future. This coincides with the imminent full withdrawal of U.S. forces from our country, which we regard a major victory for the will of our people and their aspiration to regain full sovereignty, including ridding the country from the shackles of Chapter VII.
These developments also coincide with the continued struggle of the masses in many Arab countries for democratic change and social justice, and to preserve what has been achieved in some of them and avert the dangers that threaten it.
The Central Committee meeting discussed the ways out of the current crisis in our country, and considered the various initiatives taken by the party and its call for genuine, realistic, peaceful and constitutional solutions to the crisis. This includes the need for all the forces participating in the political process, both those represented in the legislative and executive powers and those not represented, to undertake a serious review of the process, with the aim of reforming it, especially by eliminating the sectarian and ethnic power-sharing system, on which that process was set up, and putting it on sound track which leads to building a civil democratic and federal state, based on the rule of law and institutions that guarantee constitutional rights and freedoms; the state of the citizen and citizenship.
The meeting stressed the need to launch a comprehensive national dialogue, leading to a national conference that lays the foundation to address the current issues, especially those directly affecting the lives of the people, and to chart a joint approach to tackle the crisis of the political system by adopting a joint National Action Charter which everybody should adhere to and implement.
The meeting also stressed the need to act as soon as possible to prepare for the forthcoming parliamentary elections, whether normal or early elections which we consider to be one of the ways out of the political crisis. This requires the enactment of a modern democratic law for political parties, and an election law which eliminates the undemocratic amendments that were previously introduced and also to consider Iraq as a single electoral district. In addition, a new council for the Electoral Commission needs to be set up and a public census must be conducted.
The Central Committee meeting considered the important event of the founding conference of the Democrat Current that was held in October 2011. It underlined the need to continue the efforts to mobilize the forces of this Current, expand its ranks and relations, promote its work and diversify its activities, and open up to the democratic forces and personalities that share its values and objectives as well as its quest for a civil democratic state and achieving social justice.
The meeting called upon the authorities, both legislative and executive, to address the people's issues and their problems of living, to improve the services, address all the outstanding issues, speed up the legislation of laws, activate the supervisory role of the Parliament, improve the performance of state institutions, meet the needs of citizens, combat financial and administrative corruption, and create the atmosphere and prerequisites for the judicial and legislative bodies to perform their required role in an impartial and professional manner, away from the political disputes between the ruling blocs.
The meeting considered at the preparations by the party, and its members and organizations, for holding its 9th National Congress. It endorsed the report on election of Congress delegates and adopted additional measures to complete these preparations.
The meeting also discussed the draft political report to be submitted to the Congress, proposing amendments and additions, and then approved it as a draft for public discussion. It also approved two draft documents of the party program and inner- party rules. Many other measures and decisions were taken relating to the holding of the Congress and providing the prerequisites for its success.
In conclusion, the Central Committee called upon the party organizations and comrades to raise the level of work and achievement, and to culminate all this by holding the 9th National Congress of the party, to be another milestone along the path to enhance the role of the party in political life, and its effective contribution to shaping the course of development of our country, at present and in future.

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