Saturday, 6 April 2013

Iraqi Communist Party strongly condemns the criminal assassination of three civil activists in Fallujah

The Political Bureau of the Iraqi Communist Party strongly condemned the horrific murder of three civil society activists in Anbar province. It sent a condolence message to the families of the martyrs, Hikmet Tawfiq Al-Sa’ib, Talib Al-Isawi and Othman Khalil, which mourned the big loss of these activists of the Tammuz Organization for Social Development who were victims of a cowardly attack by armed terrorists in Fallujah on Sunday night, 31st March 2013. A fourth activist of the organisation, Mustapha Al-Kihly, was seriously wounded in the attack. The Tammuz Organization said in a statement that the martyred activists were well-known for their wide ranging humanitarian activities and for providing aid to Syrian refugees.
The “Civil Democrats Initiative”, of which Hikmet Al-Sa’ib was a member, called on the government and security forces to reveal the details of the crime and to punish the perpetrators. It said in a statement that the three martyrs represented a moderate voice expressing the civil and democratic aspirations of the people through their humanitarian and civil society work, “while the government, along with the dominant ruling forces, are oblivious to the current state of affairs caused by their fight over power and personal interests.”

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