Monday, 19 August 2013

Iraqi CP condemns murder of three cadres of CP of Mexico

Solidarity message from the Iraqi Communist Party

to the Communist Party of Mexico

7th August 2013
To: The Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Mexico
Dear Comrades, 
We strongly condemn the barbaric crime of the brutal torture and murder of comrade Raymundo Velázquez Flores, Secretary General of the Regional Committee of your fraternal party in the state of Guerrero, along with comrades Samuel Vargas Ramirez and Miguel, who were leaders of the Revolutionary League of Peasants of the South.
This cowardly act is a desperate attempt by the enemies of the Mexican people and working class to physically eliminate outstanding party cadres who have dedicated their lives to the cause of freedom, democracy, social justice and socialism. We are confident that this heinous crime will only strengthen the resolve of Mexican Communists and their determination to continue the struggle waged by the martyred comrades.
Please convey our wholehearted condolences to the families and comrades of the three martyrs. On this sad occasion, we reaffirm our solidarity with your fraternal party and the just struggle of the Mexican people and working class. 

Political Bureau – Central Committee
Iraqi Communist Party

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