Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Iraqi President supports the Communist Party’s proposal for holding a National Conference

The Iraqi President expresses support for the Communist Party’s proposal for holding a National Conference

A delegation representing the leadership of the Iraqi Communist Party visited the President of the Republic, Dr. Fuad Masum, on Sunday 17th August 2014 and extended the congratulations of the party and its leader Comrade Hamid Majid Moussa on the occasion of his election to the post of President.

The delegation conveyed to the President the wide positive sentiments toward his election to the presidency from the democratic civil forces and their supporters, as well as broad sections of the people. His rich political experience, knowledge and wisdom should qualify him to be an inclusive symbol who would play, by virtue of his position as President of the Republic, a pivotal role in improving the political climate and stimulating and enhancing dialogue and consultation to confront and address the big challenges facing our country, in the forefront of which is confronting terrorism and defeating it.

The delegation emphasized the party’s support for the sincere efforts exerted by the President to form a national unity government with broad representation, that would be able to unite the country as it wages a war of crucial consequences for its existence and for the people, including all the ethnic, religious, confessional and social spectrum. Support was also expressed for his effort to achieve the national consensus necessary for a proper construction of the state and its institutions, and to put the country on the path toward peace, security, stability, progress and prosperity.
The President of the Republic Dr. Fuad Masum thanked the delegation for the sentiments and support it expressed, and praised the role of the Iraqi Communist Party and its struggle. He welcomed all the opinions and proposals that the party has put forward, and stressed his personal conviction of the need to adopt dialogue and consultation as means to reach common visions and positions in the face of problems and challenges, and to ensure solutions to the numerous crises.
In this context, the President welcomed the proposal put forward by the Communist Party for holding a National Conference, as a contribution to ideas and initiatives that help to launch and organise the process and mechanisms of dialogue and consultation among the various political forces and blocs, and to overcome the state of division and estrangement that prevailed during previous periods.
At the end of the meeting, the delegation expressed its best wishes to the President for success in his duties. On his part, the President thanked the party delegation and asked it to convey his greetings to Comrade Hamid Majid Moussa.
The delegation included members of the party’s Political Bureau, comrades Raed Fahmi, Mohammed Jassim al-Labban, Hassan Akif and Jassim al-Hilfi. 

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