Thursday, 29 January 2009

Communists conclude election campaign with ceremony at party headquarters in Baghdad

Communists conclude election campaign
with a ceremony
at party headquarters in Baghdad

A joyful ceremony culminating the election campaign of the Iraqi Communist Party took place yesterday afternoon, 28 January 2009, in the courtyard of the party headquarters at Andulus Square in central Baghdad. It was attended by hundreds of party members and supporters, including several members of the party leadership.

Comrade Hamid Majeed Mousa, the secretary of the party Central Committee, addressed the gathering. He said that the provincial elections day, 31January 2009, "will be a memorable day in the history of Iraq and in your lives, having experienced the previous elections with all its difficulties, failures and shortcomings."

Referring to the forthcoming elections, he said: "We hope that this experience will be different. It is an opportunity for the masses of our people to freely express their hopes and ambitions and to elect those deemed eligible for expressing these hopes and aspirations and defending them."

"We have presented to the people an alliance of Communists, democrats, honest nationalists and genuine independent figures. This alliance, which has taken the name of Madaniyoun in Baghdad and other names depending on the circumstances of each province, is a bouquet of roses, that promote hope, love and tolerance in the hearts of the people, and promise them, in word and deed, a better life."

Mousa stressed that the provincial governments, despite the ongoing controversy about the powers of the centre, the provinces and regions, will have a bigger role in the life of each province, and in the participation in decision-making at all levels.

In conclusion, he expressed hope that January 31st would be a different day, full of promise in the life of each province and in the life of Iraq.

The program of the event included the recital of popular poetry by the well-known poets Nadhim Al-Samawi ,Hamza Al-Hilfi and Irian Sayyid Khalaf.

Source: "Tareeq Al-Shaab", the central organ of the Iraqi Communist Party, 28 January 2009.

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