Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Iraqi CP leader at election rally in Nasiriyyah

Iraqi CP leader at election rally in Nasiriyyah:
We will stand firmly against Trinity of Backwardness;
disease, poverty and illiteracy

The leader of the Iraqi Communist Party, Hamid Majeed Mousa, addressed a big election rally held in the city of Nasiriyyah, in Thi Qar province in southern Iraq, on Friday 22 January 2009, in support of the party electoral list (No. 307) which is contesting the forthcoming provincial elections. The delegation included Jassim al-Hilfi, member of the party's Central Committee.

The rally, held in the sports hall of Naseriyyah, was attended by party members and supporters from the city as well as districts such as Qal'ah, Nasser, Rifa'i and Shatrah.

In his speech, Mousa expressed his wishes that the party electoral list would be able to fulfil the aspirations of the population of the province. He said: "The land on which we are standing is endowed with enormous wealth, but the oppressive regimes that came to rule Iraq only offered Iraqis injustice, murder and starvation. Taking a genuine stance towards the causes of the people and responding to their needs require an honest and courageous stance against the trinity of backwardness: poverty, disease and illiteracy. This does not come easily, but through combating corruption and undermining the positions of corrupt elements, in all state institutions and organs.

Mousa stressed the importance of participation in the provincial elections as a big patriotic obligation, especially that the struggle is continuing over defining the features of the new political system for Iraq. He summarized the plan put forward by Iraqi Communists as aiming to establish a pluralist and unified democratic and federal Iraq, that is independent, free and prosperous, in which human dignity and rights are respected. This project emphasizes the principles of citizenship, "away from sectarianism and division, and away from the whims of chauvinism, nationalist intolerance and hatred," he said.

"Without promoting tolerance and coexistence among all Iraqis, irrespective of their ideological orientation, ethnic and religious affiliations, one cannot conceive that Iraq would become peaceful and embark upon building and reconstruction. He pointed out that the provincial councils will have an important role in the expressing the will of the people. He stressed, furthermore, the need to reach out and get in touch with the silent forces; those who have been ignored, and to make them aware of the significance of the Iraqi Communist Party's program for change and construction.

The secretary of the party provincial committee and member of the party's Central Committee, Rahi Muhajir, had earlier welcomed comrade Mousa and other guests. He referred to the significance of the visit and its timing, expressing the party appreciation and respect for the province, its people and activists, and also offering support for the party election campaign.

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