Sunday, 1 November 2009

Democratic Youth Celebration in Baghdad

Celebration in Baghdad of the 58th Anniversary of Iraqi Democratic Youth Federation

The main hall of the National Theatre in central Baghdad was packed with jubilant masses of youth, on Friday 23 October 2009, celebrating the 58th anniversary of the Iraqi Democratic Youth Federation (IDYF).

The event began with the recital of the Iraqi national anthem “Mawtini” (My Homeland). Speeches were then delivered by Mohammed Khudhayer, from IDYF, and Ayad Kamal from the Kurdistan Youth Federation.

A presentation by IDYF’s theatrical group followed, entitled “Elixir of Life”, with poetry and songs.

Well-known poets, Kadhum Ismail al-Kati’, Nadhem al-Samawi and Nawfal al-Safi (from Karbala), were warmly received by the audience.

The program included traditional Kurdish dancing (“dabka”), performed by the “Kirkuk Newroz” group, that enthralled the audience.

The event was concluded with songs presented by the well-known Iraqi singer Karim Mansour.

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