Friday, 6 November 2009

Iraqi CP new district office opened in Baghdad

Iraqi Communist Party opens new office in UR district in Baghdad

The Iraqi Communist Party opened a new office in Ur district in Baghdad on Friday afternoon, 9 October 2009, in a mass event.

The ceremony, held in the main street, began with a minute of silence in memory of the martyrs of the people and the party. After an opening speech by the party district organization, comrade Mufid al-Jazairy, member of the Political Bureau of the party, delivered a message of greeting that called for turning the office into a centre for welcoming the people, addressing their issues and taking up their demands. He considered the opening of the office a springboard for work throughout the vast district of Ur.

Al-Jazairy pointed out that it is the 17th party office in Baghdad, and will not be the last.

The program of the event included the recital of poetry to celebrate this occasion. The audience received warmly and with great enthusiasm the well-known poets Kadhem Ismail al-Gati', Baqer Jaafar al-Allaq, Hmoud Hussein K'oud and Hamza al-Hilfi. As the celebration continued, more people came from nearby streets and alleys, to listen to the singer and composer Jaafar Jassim who played the lute and presented a number of his songs.

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