Monday, 26 April 2010

Iraqi CP: Central Committee holds regular meeting

Central Committee of the Iraqi Communist Party
Holds its Regular Meeting

(23-24 April 2010)

The Central Committee of the Iraqi Communist Party held a regular meeting during the period 23-24 April 2010. The participants observed a minute of silence to commemorate the martyrs and comrades who passed away in the months since the previous meeting.

The meeting considered the situation in the country and developments in the period since the Central Committee’s last meeting in September 2009. Special attention was given to the recent parliamentary elections, including the build-up to the election campaign and its results, discussing the subsequent political situation and its prospects.

The meeting also considered the performance of the party and its leading bodies during the same period especially in relation to the electoral process. It endorsed decisions and measures to enhance the work of the party and its performance in various fields.

The meeting greeted the democratic forces and figures who participated in the elections, together with the party, in People’s Unity (“Ittihad Al-Shaab”) electoral list. It expressed its determination to continue joint efforts with them to strengthen the democratic current, mobilize its forces and increase its effectiveness, to enable it to play its essential role in the political process and building a democratic, federal and fully sovereign Iraq.

The Central Committee meeting expressed deep gratitude and appreciation to the dedicated efforts made by the party organizations, members and supporters in the course of the electoral process, to promote the People's Unity list, its national democratic programme, objectives and slogans, and in mobilizing popular support. It thanked the voters who gave their support to the People’s Unity list and its candidates in the various provinces.

The meeting pointed to the political importance of the decision of the judicial appeal panel in the Electoral Commission that ordered a manual recount of the votes cast in Baghdad province. It expressed hope that this process, which should begin soon, would rectify violations and culminate in the declaration of final results. The meeting called on all the political parties to put the interest of the country, under the present difficult circumstances, above any other interest, and to act positively and flexibly in order to expedite the formation of the new government.

A detailed communiqué on the meeting of the Central Committee and the outcome of its deliberations will be issued in the next few days.

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