Monday, 5 April 2010

In Basra .. Iraqi CP celebrates 76th anniversary

Basra celebrates the 76th anniversary
of the Iraqi Communist Party

The provincial committee of the Iraqi Communist Party in Basra organized a celebration of the 76th anniversary on 2nd April 2010. The event held in Utbah bin Ghazwan meeting hall in central Basra, which was packed with party supporters. It was attended by delegations of political groups and a representative of the Governor of Basra.

An opening speech delivered by the Secretary of the Provincial Committee, comrade Abu Mohammed, recalled the heroic struggle of the party since its foundation by Comrade Fahad on 31st March 1934, and dealt with various aspects of party policy and the current political situation.

The expatriate poet Abdul Karim Kasid was warmly received by the audience when he read out his poem “The Beautiful Horse”. He was followed by two poets, Ahmed Jassim
and Mohammed Jassim Issa. The latter had suffered a lot under the repression of the Saddam’s dictatorship. Then came the turn of Basra’s veteran popular poet, Uncle Nasser, and the poet Mohammed Mozan. Several local party organizations were then presented with awards in appreciation of their work.

The programme included a number of songs dedicated to the 67th anniversary that were presented by the Basra Group for Folk Art. Traditional music and songs were also performed with the participation of the veteran singer Tariq al-Shibli.

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