Friday, 22 November 2013

Central Committee of Iraqi CP holds regular meeting

The Central Committee of the Iraqi Communist Party Holds its Regular Meeting

The Central Commission of the Iraqi Communist Party held its regular meeting on Friday 8 November 2013, in Baghdad. The meeting coincided with the start of the celebrations of party’s 80th anniversary. With a sense of great pride and inspired by the rich significance and implications of this anniversary, the meeting stressed the need to celebrate it and highlight the role of the party at present and in future. It decided to issue a declaration on this occasion that is dear to the hearts of Iraqi patriots and communists.
The meeting began with a minute of silence in memory of the comrades and friends who passed away during the past few months, and for the martyrs of our people and the victims of terrorism and its crimes.
The meeting discussed a report on the work and performance of the party, its leading bodies, organizations and specialized committees. It considered the conferences of the party’s provincial committees that have just been accomplished and unanimously endorsed their outcome. It highly evaluated the successes that have been achieved by communists’ relentless work and enthusiasm, and the development of organizations, enhancing their role, dealing with loopholes and shortcomings, and improving their performance. The meeting called for strengthening ties with the people, taking up their demands, defending them and standing with them to seize their rights. It called for urging and encouraging the people to take part effectively in the forthcoming parliamentary elections, and to cast their votes for the better, honest and capable candidates despite the shortcomings in the new election law. The meeting considered this to be a big challenge facing the civil and democratic parties and forces. It should be an incentive to mobilize forces, ensure their coordination and cooperation, and build their broad democratic civil alliance in order to gain seats in Parliament and transform it into an additional platform for defending the rights of the masses, serving the people and defending their interests and the supreme interests of the homeland.
The meeting considered the political developments in the country and the general crisis which is grinding it and increasing the suffering of the people and their legitimate concern for the future. The participants dealt with the manifestations of the crisis and its multi-faceted consequences, especially the increasing scale of terrorists’ operations in recent times, with their intensification and extensive range, and the frantic efforts to stir up sectarian strife and fuel its flames.
The meeting stressed the country’s urgent need for serious reforms that would lead to a change in approach, mentality and performance, and opens the way for rebuilding the political process on a sound basis, getting rid of the sectarian-ethnic power-sharing system, preserving the unity of the country and averting the pitfalls of division and internal strife, leading to the establishment of a democratic civil state and social justice.
The meeting also considered the developments in the region, and in the world. It saluted with pride the successes of peoples and their patriotic, democratic and Left forces in building their regimes in accordance with their will, and the establishment of societies enjoying development, progress, justice and democracy.
An extensive statement from the meeting will be issued soon.

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