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Resolution on the Arab region - 15th IMCWP in Lisbon, Nov. 2013

Resolution on the Arab region
Issued by the 15th International Meeting of the Communist and Workers’ Parties

(Lisbon 8-10 November 2013)

The Communist and Workers’ Parties meeting in Lisbon – Portugal, within the framework of their International Meeting, consider that the Middle East area, and specifically the Arab region, continues to constitute the principal target of the new offensive by imperialist forces against all the peoples of the world, in a desperate attempt to extricate themselves from their structural crisis in which they are mired, through tightening control over the world, its wealth and markets. Imperialism, led by the United States, and relying on NATO, is implementing a renewed old plan, entitled the “New Middle East”. The aim of this plan is to undermine the idea of the national state and transform the Arab world into a group of dependent statelets that are fighting among themselves on religious, sectarian and ethnic basis, so as to allow world capitalism to seize control of the natural resources of the region, especially oil and gas.
The Communist and Workers’ Parties, meeting in Lisbon – Portugal in the their 15th International Meeting, while highlighting the need to confront this destructive plan, stress the following: 
First:  Support for the uprisings and revolutions of the Arab peoples, especially the revolutions of Egypt and Tunisia, in overthrowing dictatorial and despotic regimes, for radical change, and getting rid of subservience to imperialism, for liberating Arab land and natural resources. We also support the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood and their allies among groups of Political Islam that are supported by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and others with the blessing of American imperialism and European Union.
Second:  Stressing the pivotal position of the Palestinian issue and support for the Palestinian people in confronting the Zionist policies of aggression, building settlements and “Transfer” (the expulsion of Palestinians from their homeland), and for the right of al refugees to return and to establish their national state with Jerusalem as its capital.
Third:  Solidarity with all Arab peoples in their struggle against imperialism and the regimes of repression, despotism and dictatorship, especially Sudan, Bahrain and Kuwait. We reject the political and military interference by imperialism and Arab reaction in the internal affairs of these peoples, especially the Syrian people. We express solidarity with the Iraqi people against the sectarianism and terrorism. We support the resistance of the Lebanese people against Israeli aggression.
Fourth:  To prepare for an International Campaign against imperialist military bases and build-up in the Gulf region and the Eastern Mediterranean area, to be launched at the beginning of 2014, as a starting point for campaigns that the International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties intends to organise on the 100th anniversary of the First World War.
Lisbon – Portugal   
8 – 10 November 2013
Signed by: 
- Egyptian Communist Party
- Lebanese Communist Party
- Sudanese Communist Party
- Iraqi Communist Party
- Palestinian People’s Party
- Democratic Progressive Tribune of Bahrain

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