Thursday, 4 September 2008

Memorial meeting in London for martyr Kamil Shiaa

A memorial meeting for the prominent Iraqi intellectual and Communist, Kamil Shiaa, was held in London on Sunday 31 August 2008. The late comrade had been cowardly assassinated in Baghdad on 23 August 2008.

The meeting was organised by members of the martyr's family, including his son, Elias, and brother Faisal. Kamil Shiaa was remembered by close friends and intellectuals, as well as many members of the Iraqi and Arab communities, amid
sentiments of strong denunciation of the heinous crime.

After an opening speech by the artist Ziyad al-Khuza'i, the poet Fawzi Karim recited a poem dedicated to the memory of Kamil Shiaa. Dr. Salam Ali delivered a message of condolences from the editorial board of "Al-Thakafa Al-Jadida" (New Culture) magazine. The writer Ridha al-Dhahir read out a letter that Kamel Shiaa had sent to his son Elias, entitled "When we are in Baghdad". The writer Ali al-Shawk recalled his first meeting with Kamil. The Palestinian

journalist read out an article by Kamil entitled "A Return Without Illusions".

Kamil’s brother, Faisal, addressed the meeting on behalf of his family, thanking all those who expressed their solidarity with the martyr's family in their sorrow for the big loss.
The memorial meeting was concluded with an emotional speech delivered by Elias, the young son of Kamel Shiaa. He expressed his pride and great admiration for his father, and his gratitude to all those who demonstrated their love for the late comrade.

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George Zisimatos said...

Kamil will be remembered for his courage,gentle heart, warm smile, his love for his people and his hope for bringing a full democracy to Iraq. His love for his country and people was demonstrated by the fact that he decided to live and work there even though his life was in danger every minute of the day.
Courage to his family and friends in these hard times and long live the spirit of the matryr, visionary and beloved friend Kamil.