Monday, 29 December 2008

Iraqi Communist Party condemns the brutal massacre perpetrated by Israeli forces in Gaza

Iraqi Communist Party condemns the brutal massacre
perpetrated by Israeli forces in Gaza

Israel has committed a horrific massacre in Gaza that claimed the lives of hundreds of martyrs among the Palestinian people. This aggression constitutes another crime committed by the Israeli authorities in violation of international and humanitarian laws and norms. It represents a grave military escalation that reaffirms the fact that the Israel is not serious about reaching a just solution to the Palestinian issue, and that it has been resorting to procrastination and manoeuvring in dealing with all the diplomatic efforts and international mediation in this context, which the Palestinian Authority had responded to and dealt with in a responsible manner.

Our Iraqi Communist Party strongly condemns this barbaric aggression and calls upon the Arab League and the international community to act swiftly to convene a meeting of the UN Security Council and demand that Israel stops immediately its armed operations and lifts the siege on the people of Gaza.

We extend to the families of the martyrs and victims in Gaza, and to the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian people, our most sincere sympathy and solidarity, reiterating our support for the struggle of the Palestinian people to get rid of the Israeli occupation, attain their just rights and establish their own independent national state. We call on all Palestinian parties to exert efforts to end the state of division and restore national unity through Palestinian national dialogue. It is also essential to unify positions in order to strengthen the Palestinian stance in Arab and international forums, and in dealing with all the diplomatic initiatives and political negotiations aimed at achieving a lasting and just peaceful solution to the Palestinian issue.

The Central Media Bureau

Iraqi Communist Party

27 December 2008

Communists' electoral campaign in Wasit province launched by Iraqi CP leader

Communists' electoral campaign in Wasit province launched by Iraqi CP leader
Iraqi CP leader, Hamid Majeed Mousa, attended a big meeting held in the city of Kut, on Friday 25 December 2008, to launch the electoral campaign of Iraqi CP list (No. 307) in Wasit province.
He said: "Iraqi Communists have strived, and continue to strive, in the interest of toilers and their causes. they continue their contribution today, serving the causes of Iraqis and their freedom, irrespective of the difficulties and obstacles that stand in their way."

He added: "While waging our electoral campaign, we stress confidently that we shall oppose corruption with all strength, as we stood against the dictatorship and all forms of oppression." He reaffirmed the party's determination to work for upholding the rule of law and set up a state based on law and constitutional institutions.
Mousa congratulated the candidates of the list, describing them as "magnificent patriotic constellation, who have served their province in their work on all levels: governmental, professional, cultural and social." He called upon them to maintain close contact with the people "whether inside towns or deep in the countryside."

The party's electoral list for provincial elections in Wasit includes 26 people (doctors, engineers, educators, trade unionists, activists in professional and social organisations),
The electoral programme of the list was read out by Fattah Taha Dakhil, the head of the list, who is also the chairperson of the Committee of Deportees in the current provincial council.

Communists' electoral campaign launched by Iraqi CP leader in Baghdad

Communists' electoral campaign
by Iraqi CP leader in Baghdad

At a press conference held in central Baghdad on Saturday 20 December 2008, the Secretary of the Central Committee of the Iraqi Communist Party, Hameed Majid Mousa, launched the Communists' electoral campaign for the forthcoming provincial elections. Mousa pointed out that the party is taking part in these elections as a legitimate constitutional obligation to elect the representatives of the people. He expressed his wish that the elections would be free and credible, without any kind of coercion, intimidation and blackmail, and in accordance with internationally accepted criteria.

"On the basis of all this, the Communist Party has decided to take part, in a fully responsible and serious manner, in the elections that will take place on 31 January 2009, he said. He called for the participation of the broadest masses of people in the elections in order to choose those who are fully qualified to represent them and defend their interests and aspirations with honesty and sincerity. After explaining that the Iraqi Communist Party will be contesting the elections under different lists in 14 provinces, taking into account the varying political landscape, balance of forces and security conditions, he introduced the lists, their names and numbers, as well as the constituent components of coalition lists. They are as follows:
  • In Dhi Qar, Muthanna, Karbala and Diayala provinces: Iraqi Communist Party list (No. 307)
  • In Baghdad, Babil and Diwaniyah provinces: Madaniyoun list (No. 460) .. a coalition of Iraqi CP, National Democratic Party, Arab Socialist Movement and independent personalities.
  • In Anbar and Najaf provinces: Democratic Madaniyoun (No. 180) .. a coalition between Iraqi CP and democratic personalities.
  • In Basrah province: National Current list (No. 428) .. a coalition of Iraqi CP, Independent Sons of Iraq, Democratic Popular Grouping, National Democratic Party.
  • In Misan province: Democratic Alliance list (No. 452) .. a coalition of Iraqi CP and democratic figures.
  • In Nineveh province: Nineveh Fraternity list (No. 236) .. a coalition of Iraqi CP, Kurdistan CP, Kurdistan Democratic Party, Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Kurdistan Islamic Union, and Chaldean-Assyrian organisations.
  • In Salah al-Din province: Fraternity and Peaceful Coexistence list (No. 333) .. a coalition of Iraqi CP and Kurdistan parties.

Electoral campaign of "Madaniyoun" Launched in Baghdad

Electoral campaign of "Madaniyoun"
Launched in Baghdad

The electoral list "Madaniyoun", a democratic coalition contesting the forthcoming provincial elections in 3 provinces (Baghdad, Babil and Diwaniyah) was launched on Saturday 13 December 2008 at a well-attended political and media event held at the Sheraton hotel in central Baghdad.

The meeting was opened by Mufid Jazairy, Politburo member of the Iraqi Communist Party, welcoming guests, candidates of the electoral list and media representatives. He introduced the main constituent components of the list: Iraqi CP, National Democratic Party, Arab Socialist Movement, and independent well-known intellectual and social figures. The list has developed out of a movement entitled "Madaniyoun" that was launched earlier this year with the aim of promoting the establishment of a democratic civil state, based on law and institutions; a modern democratic state.

The election programme of "Madaniyoun" was read out, and its candidates were introduced. They include doctors, engineers, sports people, intellectuals, artists.. etc. Questions were put to them by journalists and representatives of TV stations about their plans if they get elected to the provincial councils.

The programme of the event included traditional songs presented by Sha'bad group and recital of poetry. It was concluded with a speech given by literary writer Shawqi Karim Hassan, the editor of the newspaper "Your Voice is Your Future" issued by the National Electoral Commission.

How Iraqi CP is contesting provincial elections

How the Iraqi Communist Party is contesting provincial elections

Electoral lists in various provinces

Name of province --------------------- Name of List --------------------- List No.

Dhi Qar (Nasseriyah) ------------- Iraqi Communist Party ------------------ 307

Wasit (Kut) ------------------------- Iraqi Communist Party -------------------- 307

Muthanna (Samawah) ----------- Iraqi Communist Party ------------------- 307

Karbala ------------------------------ Iraqi Communist Party ------------------- 307

Diyala (Baqouba) ----------------- Iraqi Communist Party ------------------- 307

Baghdad ------------------------------------ Madaniyoun ------------------------ 460

Babil (Hilla) --------------------------------- Madaniyoun ------------------------ 460

Qadisiyah (Diwaniyah) ------------------- Madaniyoun ----------------------- 460

Najaf --------------------------------- Democratic Madaniyoun -----------------180

Anbar (Ramadi) ------------------- Democratic Madaniyoun -----------------180

Basrah ----------------------------- Patriotic Current in Basrah --------------- 428

Misan (Amarah) ---------------- Democratic Alliance in Missan ------------ 452

Nineveh (Mosul) --------------------- Nineveh Fraternity List ---------------- 236

Salah al-Din (Tikrit) -------- Fraternity & Peaceful Coexistence List ----- 333

* * * * * *

Mass election rally in Amarah attended by Iraqi CP leader

Mass election rally in Amarah (Misan province) attended by Iraqi Communist leader

The leader of the Iraqi Communist Party, Hamid Majeed Mousa, visited the city of Amarah in Misan province on 13 December 2008, and attended a mass rally organised by the Democratic Alliance electoral list (No. 452).

The Communist Party is contesting the forthcoming provincial elections, on 31 January 2009, under different electoral lists in 14 provinces. Mousa, the Secreatry of the party's Central Committee, said in a speech delivered at the rally that the province of Misan may witness a change in its political life that would impact all fields.

He added that this requires active participation of everybody in the elections.
"The Iraqi citizen will show maturity in making his choices, now that five years have elapsed, and cannot repeat the same mistake. The candidates must be truthful with the electorate, and their political programmes and future plans should be made clear to the citizen in order to build up mutual trust."

Mousa stressed that the Iraqi CP's aim is to put forward candidates who can contribute to the rebuilding and development of towns. He expressed optimism about the future of Misan province "because it has taught us how to recover and rise from the ashes of our grief.. It deserves from us all attention and care."

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Iraqi CP leader visits Basra and participates in election campaign

Iraqi CP leader visits Basra and participates
in election campaign of "Patriotic Trend" list

The Iraqi Communist Party leader, Hamid Majeed Mousa, visited Basra city in southern Iraq on
Friday 12 December 2008, and attended a mass election rally organised by the "Patriotic Trend" coalition list (No. 428), which is contesting the forthcoming provincial elections in Basra. The main hall of the Basra Chamber of Commerce was packed with people and supporters of the list.

Mousa was warmly received by the political groups of the local coalition list that includes: the Communist Party, the National Democratic Party, the Democratic Popular Grouping and the Democratic Uprising. The list, which had launched its campaign on 6th Dec. 2008, will contest the elections on 31 January 2009 and compete with 39 other entities over 35 seats of Basra's provincial council.

The program of the electoral rally, to promote the "Patriotic Trend" list and introduce its candidates, included speeches, poetry and political songs.

The Iraqi news agency "Aswat al-Iraq" quoted the Iraqi CP leader as saying that "the party believes that the unity of patriotic forces is a source of strength to everybody and does not entail a loss for anyone. Our alliance is based on a conviction of the need for the cooperation of all forces of good will." He added that the coalition strives for a patriotic project that would enable the homeland to get out of the cycle of violence and rid itself of all the weaknesses that have afflicted various aspects of the situation in Iraq."

In reply to another question about the chances of achieving good results in the elections, especially in view of widespread popular criticism of the parties that dominated the provincial councils, he said: "We are working sincerely to express the vital interests of as many people as possible." He explained that five years on, the people have tested the credibility of various lists and their promises," stressing that "we are aiming to offer truth, fidelity and integrity."

The provincial elections on 31 January 2009 are expected to be a crucial and fierce political battle with significant impact on the Iraqi political scene. There are 408 election centres in Basra, and 20 local and international monitoring organisations have been registered.

Source: "Tareeq Al-Shaab", central organ of the Iraqi Communist Party - 14 Dec. 2008.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Iraqi CP opens new office in Al-Thawra City in Baghdad

Iraqi Communist Party opens new office
in Al-Thawra City in Baghdad

A new office for the Iraqi Communist Party was opened in Al-Thawra City (Sadr City) in Baghdad on 5th December 2008. The ceremony, held in open air in Jamila district, was attended by a big gathering of party members and supporters, as well as a delegation from the party Central Committee. The president and members of the municipal council of Sadr City, and other guests were present.

Abdul Hussein al-Rubaei, representing the party district committee, stressed in his speech the political significance of opening the new party office in this toiling area. Comrade Izzet Abu-el-Timmen, member of the party Political Bureau, conveyed the greetings of the Central Committee, and reiterated the party's support for the population of the City and their demands to aleviate the injustive they had suffered under the former dictatorial regime. He also called upon them to participate actively in the forthcoming provincial elections and to give their support to the electoral list "Madaniyoun" (No. 460) that represents the democratic forces.

The ceremony received several messages of greetings.

Source: Media Communication Centre of the Iraqi Communist Party

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Iraqi CP leader's contribution in Parliament about Iraqi-US Agreement

Iraqi CP leader: Iraqi-US Agreement is not best solution and aspiration..
but the best among bad options

The following are excerpts from the contribution of the Iraqi CP leader, Hamid Majeed Mousa, in the Iraqi Parliament session held on 22 November 2008 to discuss the Iraqi-US Agreement:

"My remarks focus on the Agreement itself, though this does not mean it is not linked to other Iraqi issues and concerns."
"Indeed, when one speaks of an agreement that concerns the withdrawal of foreign troops and foreign presence, one cannot be free of the bitterness into which we have been put. We were against the war and invasion, and we are striving to eliminate the occupation and its consequences. But at this moment, we must not forget the main cause that led the country to where we are; that is the former regime that had generated a lot of reasons for wars, invasion, occupation and more. Now, how to get out of this ordeal? How do we put the occupation in the place where it can be removed and its presence be eliminated? This is the core issue on which we decide our position.. Yes, there are no few remarks about the Agreement, and about its shortcomings and loopholes. We pinpointed the latter in adequate detail in the memorandum that we presented to the Council of Ministers and also in the discussions that took place with the Prime Minister. These shortcomings and loopholes have yet to be addressed, such as the inspections and export in Article 15, the jurisdiction and immunity in Article 12, and financial issues in Article 26."
"Here, when I am talking about the remarks and loopholes, I am not seeking something impossible, irregular or improper. (...) I believe that it is not right to think that Obama will be committed if the UN mandate is extended, and that he will not be committed if we sign the agreement. Obama is Obama whether there is an agreement or whether the UN mandate is extended. Therefore, we must interpret these factors and not make them essential. But there is a need to strengthen the U.S. commitment to the protection of Iraqi funds, both inside the U.S. and globally, through being committed to a new resolution from the UN Security Council under Chapter VII to protect these funds. This is possible and necessary. The Agreement refers to the possibility of amendment and scrutiny even after it is signed."
"It is my opinion, therefore, that the Agreement is not the best solution and aspiration, but the best among bad options. We are thus to choose the lesser of two evils, as long as this agreement ensures the withdrawal and evacuation in a specified and regulated period of time, and especially that it will be a United Nations document. Extending the UN mandate [for the presence of foreign forces in Iraq] means, in my opinion, remaining in square one; keeping everything as it is. The fact that this agreement contains a specific and final date for foreign presence, the need for phasing it out in a gradual and escalating manner, the lifting of immunity from foreign security firms, the exit of Iraq from UN Chapter VII, and not to attack neighbouring countries, implies steps towards the restoration of sovereignty. However, extending the UN mandate [which ends on 31 December 2008] means the continued presence of occupation with all its weight."
"We are therefore in front of a course that entails the restoration of sovereignty and independence in accordance with a specific timetable. This is what we should pay attention to and be concerned about despite the existence of the other shortcomings and loopholes which, I stress, can be amended in subsequent supplements."
"The proper implementation of the Agreement, and seriousness in implementation, are connected to our national unity and to creating a positive political atmosphere of reconciliation, consensus, deepening of democracy, and developing our national capabilities, including the armed forces, improving the government performance at the level of services and their provision, the proper management of the country's affairs away from quotas and violence and by the adoption of citizenship and elevating the status of Iraq .. Thus, in this way, we can implement the Agreement so as to achieve our goal of the evacuation and withdrawal of foreign forces and the restoration of sovereignty and independence."

Source: Media Communication Centre - Iraqi Communist Party