Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Ceremony in Baghdad to honor outstanding students

General Union of Students in Iraqi Republic (GUSIR)
holds ceremony in Baghdad to honor outstanding students

During the recent celebrations of Eid al-Fitr in late September 2009, the General Union of Students in the Iraqi Republic (GUSIR) held a ceremony in Abu Nuas gardens, along the Tigris embankment in Baghdad, to honor outstanding secondary school students.

The students who have excelled academically were given certificates and awards by the Secretariat of GUSIR. The program of the festive event, attended by families and friends of the awardees, included the recital of poetry and songs.

GUSIR expressed its gratitude for the support it received from Tammuz Organization for Social Development for sponsoring this student event.

Photos from Iraqi CP marquee in L'Humanite Festival

Photos from the marquee of "Tareeq Al-Shaab"Align Centre
in L'Humanite Festival (11-13 September 2009)

Iraqi CP participates in L'Humanite Festival

Iraqi Communist Party & "Tareeq Al-Shaab" newspaper
participate in L'Humanite Festival

Continuing an internationalist tradition that goes back to the 1970s, the Iraqi Communist Party participated in the L'Humanite Festival held in Paris (11-13 September 2009).

The marquee of "Tareeq Al-Shaab" (People's Path), the daily newspaper of the Iraqi CP, in the International Village was set up by the party organization in France, with active participation of party members and supporters from several European countries.

The Central Committee of Iraqi CP was represented by comrade Faisal al-Sarraf who had arrived from Baghdad especially for the event. He held a number of meetings with delegations of fraternal and friendly parties. He was received by the National Committee of the French Communist Party in its headquarters on 15 September 2009, and had a meeting with comrade Jacques Fath, the head of FCP international relations department.

The marquee of "Tareeq Al-Shaab" was packed with visitors listening to lively Iraqi music and and joining in lively folk dance, as well as sampling delicious Iraqi food.

Iraqi CP - Central Committee holds meeting

The Central Committee of the Iraqi Communist Party
Holds its Regular Meeting

The Central Committee of the Iraqi Communist Party held a regular meeting on 17-18 September 2009. The meeting began with a minute of silence in memory of the comrades and friends who passed away, and for the martyrs of our people who were the victims of cowardly terrorist acts.

The meeting considered the developments in the political situation in the country since the previous meeting of the Central Committee (on 24th April 2009). It discussed at length the political dynamic and the alignments that are associated with the ongoing preparations to participate in the forthcoming elections of the Parliament. The meeting dealt with the issue of the Election Law, stressing the party's position that calls for adopting the open list, and for Iraq to be considered a single electoral constituency, because it is the best version in our country’s present circumstances, and more just and democratic.

The Central Committee also considered the format of the party's participation in the forthcoming elections, and decided to continue the consultations and meetings with the various national and democratic forces, parties and political blocs. In this context, the meeting endorsed the electoral program of the party and its action plan leading to the polling day on 16th January 2010.
In evaluating the party work, there was an extensive discussion of the performance of the party leadership, the specialized committees, party organizations and the outcome of deliberations by the Advisory Council. The meeting also endorsed the results of the conferences of party organizations and the election of provincial committees.

The meeting positively evaluated the achievements in various fields of party work, and adopted a set of measures aimed at developing and enhancing the performance of the party, and building active party organizations that are closely linked to the citizens and their worries, defending tirelessly and consistently their interests and rights. This is essential for building a mass party, and for enabling the party to carry out its role and mission, and to continue its struggle in the interest of the people and homeland, moving forward to build a democratic civil federal state that is fully sovereign and independent.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Memorial Meeting in Baghdad on 1st Anniversary of Martyrdom of Kamel Shiaa

Iraqi CP holds Memorial Meeting in Baghdad

on 1st Anniversary of Martyrdom
of Kamel Shiaa

A memorial meeting was held by the Iraqi Communist Party in Baghdad on the 1st anniversary of the martyrdom of comrade Kamel Shiaa, the prominent Iraqi intellectual and communist who was cowardly assassinated in Baghdad on 23 August 2008.

The event was held in the meeting hall of Ulwiya Club, Fardos Square, in central Baghdad on Saturday 22 August 2009. It was attended by Central Committee members of Iraqi CP and many political and cultural figures and organizations.

Communist Mobile Clinic serving the people

Communist Mobile Clinic
serving the Iraqi people

Iraqi CP Condemns Criminal Bombings in Baghdad

Iraqi CP Condemns Criminal Bombings
in Baghdad

The Political Bureau of the Central Committee of Iraqi Communist Party has issued a statement (19th August 2009) strongly condemning the criminal bombings and mortar attacks in Baghdad today that killed in cold blood dozens and wounded hundreds of innocent people.
The statement said that murderers, who carried out these horrific crimes, are the enemies of the people, democracy and the ongoing political process. "The remnants of the Baath, al-Qaida, militias and organized crime groups are responsible for these atrocities that have escalated recently." It called upon the government, and the military and security forces, to intensify efforts to protect the citizens, as it is their first duty, and to punish the criminals.
"The political forces and parties must abandon political jockeying and unprincipled polarization, which these criminals are exploiting to implement their sinister designs. The citizens are also required to cooperate fully with the relevant bodies and report early on the criminals."
The statement concluded by strongly condemning the heinous crimes and calling for the pursuit of the criminals and bringing them to justice.

Protest in Baghdad led by Iraqi CP district organization

Protest in Baghdad led by Iraqi CP district organization

Residents of Rusafa district in Baghdad
demonstrate over poor services

Residents of Rusafa district in Baghdad demonstrated on Friday, 4th September 2009 in Firdos Square, calling for the provision of services and for holding the Baghdad Provincial Council accountable for what it has provided to the residents over the past six months since its formation. The demonstrators included people from various areas in the district, including: the streets of Rashid, Kifah, Nedal and Palestine, and the suburbs of Bab Al-Sharqi, Karrada, Kamp Sarah and Baladiyat.

The demonstration was led by Rusafa al-'Ulah (First) district organisation of the Iraqi Communist Party. Participants chanted slogans, and a statement stipulating their demands (see text below) was read out and distributed. There was a heavy presence of youth, and the event was covered by the media. Among the demands was the elimination of unemployment and providing job opportunities.

The following are excerpts of the statement addressed to the Baghdad Provincial Council:

"Our country is today undergoing a transition phase that is extremely complicated and difficult. Political, economic, social and cultural processes interact to determine the characteristics of this phase. The tasks of of national liberation and the removal of the legacy of occupation intertwine with the operations of eliminating the vestiges of dictatorship and negative aspects of the recent period. This combined with the process of reconstruction, economic recovery and efforts to build the Iraqi state on the basis of a federal democratic basis. Regional and international interference confer further exceptional complexity of the situation.
The suffering of our people is intensifying as a result of terrorism, the legacy of sectarian violence, the crimes of armed groups and militias, as well as the absence of basic services, mounting unemployment, the continuing rise in the cost of living and rampant corruption. While narrow partisan struggles and tensions continue, the people call for an end to the abhorrent policy of sectarian quotas, and the struggle of ruling elites over power and positions of influence.

The political blocs and parties should put the higher national interest above all other interests, and strive to provide the best services to the people, and prevent the enemies of the people and homeland from exploiting the situation.

There can be no talk about national projects without a serious approach, in addition to the above-mentioned points, to put an end to the suffering of the people, improve their living standard, combat unemployment, ensure social security and provide effective remedies to resolve the daily crises that burden the citizens. Accordingly, we, the demonstrators in Firdos Square, demand the following:

1. Providing job opportunities.
2. Provision of electricity and water purification.
3. Installation and repair of the sewage system.
4. Improving the content of the food rations.
5. Pavement of roads and cleaning the suburbs.
6. Paying attention to hospitals and schools.
7. Provision of playgrounds and sport fields.
8. Regulating the operation and pricing of private electric generators.

Fulfilling these demands is essential for consolidating the citizen's confidence in state institutions and building a prosperous Iraq.