Saturday, 12 February 2011

Iraqi CP: Glory to the heroic people of Egypt!

 Iraqi Communist Party:
Glory to the heroic people of Egypt!
Glory to the masses, the makers of history!

With overwhelming joy and deep satisfaction, our Party along with the Iraqi people have received the resounding victory achieved by the revolutionary Egyptian popular masses, forcing the tyrannical head of the regime of oppression, injustice and corruption to comply with their will and hide, out of sight and away from the arena where the new history of Egypt, the Arab region and surrounding area is being made.

These are unique times through which we are living with the great people of Egypt who are following the trail of the brave Tunisian people, challenging mightily their oppressors and exploiters, and overthrowing those who had tormented and humiliated them for more than thirty years, acted recklessly against their interests and accumulated enormous illegitimate wealth at the expense of their misery and suffering.

The Egyptian masses have performed a great feat, and they are charting their path ahead with unflinching determination and firm belief in the legitimacy of their national and humanitarian cause, towards a better future in freedom, democracy and social justice; towards a decent life that ensures human dignity and human rights.

It is an example of people’s struggle that will inevitably be victorious, no matter how long the path is and regardless of tyranny and great sacrifices. It provides a new lesson; one which is more eloquent and brighter, to our Arab peoples and all peoples, on their unlimited ability to seize their right to determine their own destiny and make their own future.

While deeply applauding, in these extraordinary hours, the triumphant revolutionary people of Egypt, and congratulating them on their historic victory, we call upon their courageous masses and their national and democratic forces and parties to unite their ranks and unify efforts to build a people’s Egypt that enjoys democracy, dignity and social justice. The withdrawal of the regime’s head from the field of battle does not mean that the hated regime itself has surrendered and ended, because it still has claws and teeth, lurking in the background to subvert the victory that has been achieved with precious blood. It is assisted in this endeavor by dark forces, at home and abroad, with evil intentions and schemes.

In this context, we also express the hope that  the leadership of the Egyptian army, which has become responsible for the administration of the country, will act speedily to implement its announcement that it is not a substitute for the legitimacy that satisfies the people, by abolishing the state of emergency, dissolving the sham parliament, preparing to hold free and fair elections, and forming a civil government made up of well-known national figures and symbols, that undertakes to conduct of the affairs of the country during the transitional period, and set up a Constituent Assembly to prepare a new democratic civil constitution for the country.

Total victory for the heroic Egyptian people, and glory to the memory of their martyrs!

Glory to the popular masses, the makers of history!

Political Bureau – Central Committee
Iraqi Communist Party

11th February 2011