Monday, 13 May 2013

Mufid al-Jazairy in Kadimiyya (Baghdad): Culture is the only means!

Comrade Mufid al-Jazairy in Kadhimiya (Baghdad):
Culture is the only means!

The Intellectual and Cultural Forum in the Kadhimiya district in Baghdad, hosted Comrade Mufid al-Jazairy at a public seminar on Friday afternoon 10 May 2013 on Iraqi culture and its tasks.
The garden of the Forum was packed with daughters and sons of Kadhimiya. Comrade Al-Jazairy stressed the enormity of the tasks that the country is facing on the level of construction, re-construction and laying foundations, due to the devastation that still prevails in all the fields of life, services and production, despite the fact that ten years have passed after the fall Saddam's dictatorial regime. There is also the enormity of what is required in terms of the reconstruction of souls and ridding the Iraqi citizen of the consequences of distortion and destruction of values. These were targets during the tyranny of the dictatorial regime, and they are today the basis of an environment which is conducive for the sustainability of terror and rampant corruption.
Al-Jazairy explained that confronting this reality, and undertaking the afore-mentioned major tasks mentioned, require the adoption of elements of a culture that addresses the mind and influences it, and that provides the education and preparation of a qualified productive person. Such a person is indispensible for proceeding along the path of reconstruction and progress. These elements are science, thought and knowledge in general. They also include research, study, learning .. etc. To achieve this, there must be a comprehensive re-examination of the philosophy and system of education in our country, the development of schools and universities, and their curricula and performance on the basis of science and its modern methods.
In addition, the elements of culture that address human feelings, emotions and passion, and ensure his upbringing, refinement and equipping him with lofty national values ​​and humanitarian values, must be adopted. They ensure that he turns into a good citizen that the country needs as much as its need for the qualified and productive individual. These elements are literature, art and creative forms of artistic expression in general.
Comrade Al-Jazairy also stressed what the country badly needs today is, in the end, the good qualified and productive citizen, whose presence and involvement in the process of material and spiritual construction of our country can only be ensured through culture; that addresses both the mind and the soul.
Al-Jazairy concluded by saying: “It is therefore essential to provide unlimited and unconditional support for culture, and in all its fields. It is the means for the completion of the tasks of reconstruction, modernization and comprehensive progress, which are long overdue.

Thursday, 2 May 2013