Friday, 22 June 2012

Iraqi Communists martyred in heinous terrorist bombing in Diyala

Iraqi Communists martyred
in heinous terrorist bombing of funeral in Diyala

The Political Bureau of the Iraqi Communist Party strongly condemned yet another heinous crime committed by terrorists, the enemies of the Iraqi people, targeting a gathering of mourners at a funeral in the town of Shufta, east of the city of Baqouba, in Diyala province, on 18th June 2012.

The cowardly bombing killed 22 people and left more than 35 injured. The victims included several members and supporters of the Iraqi Communist Party.

A statement issued by the Political Bureau said: “We have stressed repeatedly that narrow partisan and selfish conflicts among the dominant political blocs, and the state of impasse in the political situation, that have nothing to do with the interests of the people and the country, will have a negative impact on the already fragile security situation. This situation results in significant and serious loopholes through which terrorists and militia thugs would easily penetrate, leading to the loss of more victims and innocent lives. It is as if Iraqi blood has become cheap, not only to the terrorist murderers, but also to those who are supposed to protect the lives of people and maintain their security and property.”

“We strongly condemn this barbaric criminal act. And once again we call upon the ruling forces and parties to put an end to their unprincipled conflicts, and demand that the government and its military and security organs assume their responsibilities fully and strike hard at the criminals, the enemies of life and humanity, regardless of whatever cover they have!  Full protection must be provided to the Iraqi people, of all social strata, religions, sects and ethnicities.”

The Political Bureau statement expressed deepest condolences to the families of martyrs, and wished the wounded speedy recovery.


Iraqi CP strongly condemns terrorist wave of bombings

Iraqi Communist Party strongly condemns

terrorist wave of bombings and attacks

The Political Bureau of the Iraqi Communist Party strongly condemned the terrorist wave of bombings and attacks in Baghdad, Hilla and other towns across Iraq on Wednesday 13th June 2012 that killed dozens of people and also caused material losses.
A statement issued by the Political Bureau on 14th June 2012 pointed out that these heinous acts, timed with Imam al-Kadhim religious ceremonies, were aimed at exploiting the ongoing intensified political crisis in order to inflict greater harm on innocent people.  
The statement also stressed that the government and its security institutions must ensure the safety of citizens through enhancing their capabilities and collaborating with the people to defeat the terrorists and their evil schemes that are hostile to the people’s aspirations and their yearning for freedom, peace and stability.
While strongly condemning the terrorist attacks and those who were behind them, and offering deepest condolences and sympathy to the families of martyrs, and wishing the wounded a speedy recovery, the Iraqi Communist Party called for radical solutions to the current political crisis that would put the country on the right path leading to a better life for Iraqi citizens. “Achieving this requires maintaining multi-sided popular pressure, peacefully and constitutionally, to enable the masses to have the final word in accordance with the highest interests of the people and homeland,” the statement said.

Friday, 8 June 2012

9th National Congress of the Iraqi Communist Party

Communist, Workers and Left parties send greetings to 9th Congress of the Iraq CP

Communist, Workers and Left parties send greetings
 to the 9th National Congress of the Iraqi Communist Party

The 9th National Congress of the Iraqi Communist Party, held in Baghdad and Shaqlawa (8-13 May 2012) received messages of greetings from the following fraternal Communist, Workers and Left parties: 
  1. Sudanese Communist Party
  2. Palestinian People’s Party
  3. Communist Party of South Africa
  4. Tudeh Party of Iran
  5. Progressive Workers Party of Cyprus (AKEL)
  6. Communist Party of USA
  7. French Communist Party
  8. Communist Party of Chile
  9. Communist Party of Britain
  10. Jordanian Communist Party
  11. Party of Progress and Socialism (Morocco)
  12. Lebanese Communist Party
  13. National Liberation Front – Bahrain
  14. Palestinian Democratic Union (FIDA)
  15. Communist Party of Germany
  16. Left Party of Germany - DIE LINKE
  17. Party of Italian Communists
  18. Workers’ Party of Ireland
  19. Communist Party of Sweden
  20. Philippine Communist Party
  21. Swedish Left Party
  22. Workers Party of Bangladesh
  23. Communist Party of Austria
  24. Communist Party in Denmark
  25. Communist Party of the Soviet Union
  26. New Communist Party of Yugoslavia
  27. Socialist Workers Party of Croatia
  28. Communist Party of Finland

Thursday, 7 June 2012


of the 9th National Congress of the Iraqi Communist Party

(8-13 May 2012)

The Iraqi Communist Party held its 9th National Congress during the period 8-13 May 2012, in Baghdad and Shaqlawa, under the slogan: “A Federal Democratic Civil State.. Social Justice”. The opening session took place on 8th May in Baghdad, with a big official and popular representation.
Comrade Hameed Majid Mousa, the Secretary of the Central Committee, delivered a speech at the opening session in which he stressed the determination of Iraqi communists to continue the struggle for the good of the people and the homeland, and to march forward on the path of building a modern democratic civil state; a fully sovereign and independent state that is based on institutions and the rule of law. He expressed the determination of the party to achieve its goals that are embodied in its well-known slogan: “For a Free Homeland and a Happy People", and also to rid the political process of its difficulties and crises, in order to achieve the desired objectives.
The Congress received numerous messages of greeting from Iraq, Arab countries and all over the world, and from fraternal communist and workers parties and friendly organizations. The messages praised the role of the party in Iraq's modern history and in the present time, and its enormous sacrifices and feats.
In the first working session (held in the town of Shaqlawa, in Iraqi Kurdistan on 10th May 2012), the secretary of the Central Committee wished the Congress and delegates success in their work, and called for exerting greater efforts and consistent work to build a broad mass movement to achieve a stable and secure new Iraq that guarantees the principle of citizenship and that is free of the infamous sectarian-ethnic power-sharing system.
The Congress then elected its chair committee and other bodies: the accreditation committee, the commission of the political report, the party program committee, the inner rules committee, the audit committee, and the nominations and appeals committee. The agenda of the Congress was endorsed and delegates attended four workshops to discuss the main documents: the political report, the draft party program, the draft inner rules, and the organizational report.
After extensive discussions of the draft documents, the workshops submitted their reports to plenary sessions of the Congress where they were discussed and voted upon. This process was conducted in an atmosphere of transparency, democracy and the free exchange of views. The Congress then moved on to discuss and endorse the financial report, after being passed by the audit committee.
The Congress also approved a number of resolutions and recommendations, and sent several messages of appreciation, including messages to the Presidency of the Republic, the Presidency of the Kurdistan region, and to various parties, organizations, institutions and figures that attended the opening session in Baghdad, or contributed to facilitating the success of the Congress.
On the last day of the Congress, nominations began for the new Central Committee and the Control Commission. In a spirit of enthusiasm and high sense of responsibility, tens of comrades volunteered to work in both committees. After approving the report of the nominations and appeals committee, the Congress elected, by secret ballot, members of the party’s new Central Committee and the Central Control Commission.
The 9th National Congress concluded its work in a joyful atmosphere, celebrating its successful outcome with revolutionary songs, and reaffirming the determination to continue the struggle for social progress in a state that upholds the principle of citizenship and respects human rights and personal and public freedoms and public; a modern federal democratic civil state.
The new Central Committee held a full meeting in which it elected Comrade Hameed Majid Mousa as its secretary, and also elected its Political Bureau.

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