Friday, 15 July 2011

Mass march in Baghdad on anniversary of 14th July 1958 Revolution

Mass march in Baghdad by Democratic Current
on anniversary of 14th July 1958 Revolution

Despite soaring temperatures in Baghdad’s hot summer, thousands of people marched in the Iraqi capital yesterday to celebrate to the 53rd anniversary of the 14th July 1958 Revolution that toppled the monarchy, established the Republic and ushered in significant national democratic transformations.
The march was organized by the Democratic Current with active participation of the Iraqi Communist Party and various democratic organizations and movements.
The march began in Firdos Square and moved towards Tahrir Square in central Baghdad, which has been the focus of popular protests in recent months. The march was warmly welcomed by passers-by and shop owners in Saadoun Street and Liberation Square. The occasion was marked by a festive atmosphere, with marchers raising flags of the 14th July 1958 flag and emblem of the Republic. At Tahrir Square, a speech was delivered by the Democratic Current, followed by poems and songs presented by the February Youth Movement. Trophies were also handed to winners of a sprint event for youths that was organized to celebrate the occasion.