Monday, 29 December 2008

Communists' electoral campaign launched by Iraqi CP leader in Baghdad

Communists' electoral campaign
by Iraqi CP leader in Baghdad

At a press conference held in central Baghdad on Saturday 20 December 2008, the Secretary of the Central Committee of the Iraqi Communist Party, Hameed Majid Mousa, launched the Communists' electoral campaign for the forthcoming provincial elections. Mousa pointed out that the party is taking part in these elections as a legitimate constitutional obligation to elect the representatives of the people. He expressed his wish that the elections would be free and credible, without any kind of coercion, intimidation and blackmail, and in accordance with internationally accepted criteria.

"On the basis of all this, the Communist Party has decided to take part, in a fully responsible and serious manner, in the elections that will take place on 31 January 2009, he said. He called for the participation of the broadest masses of people in the elections in order to choose those who are fully qualified to represent them and defend their interests and aspirations with honesty and sincerity. After explaining that the Iraqi Communist Party will be contesting the elections under different lists in 14 provinces, taking into account the varying political landscape, balance of forces and security conditions, he introduced the lists, their names and numbers, as well as the constituent components of coalition lists. They are as follows:
  • In Dhi Qar, Muthanna, Karbala and Diayala provinces: Iraqi Communist Party list (No. 307)
  • In Baghdad, Babil and Diwaniyah provinces: Madaniyoun list (No. 460) .. a coalition of Iraqi CP, National Democratic Party, Arab Socialist Movement and independent personalities.
  • In Anbar and Najaf provinces: Democratic Madaniyoun (No. 180) .. a coalition between Iraqi CP and democratic personalities.
  • In Basrah province: National Current list (No. 428) .. a coalition of Iraqi CP, Independent Sons of Iraq, Democratic Popular Grouping, National Democratic Party.
  • In Misan province: Democratic Alliance list (No. 452) .. a coalition of Iraqi CP and democratic figures.
  • In Nineveh province: Nineveh Fraternity list (No. 236) .. a coalition of Iraqi CP, Kurdistan CP, Kurdistan Democratic Party, Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Kurdistan Islamic Union, and Chaldean-Assyrian organisations.
  • In Salah al-Din province: Fraternity and Peaceful Coexistence list (No. 333) .. a coalition of Iraqi CP and Kurdistan parties.

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