Monday, 29 December 2008

Iraqi Communist Party condemns the brutal massacre perpetrated by Israeli forces in Gaza

Iraqi Communist Party condemns the brutal massacre
perpetrated by Israeli forces in Gaza

Israel has committed a horrific massacre in Gaza that claimed the lives of hundreds of martyrs among the Palestinian people. This aggression constitutes another crime committed by the Israeli authorities in violation of international and humanitarian laws and norms. It represents a grave military escalation that reaffirms the fact that the Israel is not serious about reaching a just solution to the Palestinian issue, and that it has been resorting to procrastination and manoeuvring in dealing with all the diplomatic efforts and international mediation in this context, which the Palestinian Authority had responded to and dealt with in a responsible manner.

Our Iraqi Communist Party strongly condemns this barbaric aggression and calls upon the Arab League and the international community to act swiftly to convene a meeting of the UN Security Council and demand that Israel stops immediately its armed operations and lifts the siege on the people of Gaza.

We extend to the families of the martyrs and victims in Gaza, and to the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian people, our most sincere sympathy and solidarity, reiterating our support for the struggle of the Palestinian people to get rid of the Israeli occupation, attain their just rights and establish their own independent national state. We call on all Palestinian parties to exert efforts to end the state of division and restore national unity through Palestinian national dialogue. It is also essential to unify positions in order to strengthen the Palestinian stance in Arab and international forums, and in dealing with all the diplomatic initiatives and political negotiations aimed at achieving a lasting and just peaceful solution to the Palestinian issue.

The Central Media Bureau

Iraqi Communist Party

27 December 2008

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