Monday, 29 December 2008

Electoral campaign of "Madaniyoun" Launched in Baghdad

Electoral campaign of "Madaniyoun"
Launched in Baghdad

The electoral list "Madaniyoun", a democratic coalition contesting the forthcoming provincial elections in 3 provinces (Baghdad, Babil and Diwaniyah) was launched on Saturday 13 December 2008 at a well-attended political and media event held at the Sheraton hotel in central Baghdad.

The meeting was opened by Mufid Jazairy, Politburo member of the Iraqi Communist Party, welcoming guests, candidates of the electoral list and media representatives. He introduced the main constituent components of the list: Iraqi CP, National Democratic Party, Arab Socialist Movement, and independent well-known intellectual and social figures. The list has developed out of a movement entitled "Madaniyoun" that was launched earlier this year with the aim of promoting the establishment of a democratic civil state, based on law and institutions; a modern democratic state.

The election programme of "Madaniyoun" was read out, and its candidates were introduced. They include doctors, engineers, sports people, intellectuals, artists.. etc. Questions were put to them by journalists and representatives of TV stations about their plans if they get elected to the provincial councils.

The programme of the event included traditional songs presented by Sha'bad group and recital of poetry. It was concluded with a speech given by literary writer Shawqi Karim Hassan, the editor of the newspaper "Your Voice is Your Future" issued by the National Electoral Commission.

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