Saturday, 20 December 2008

Iraqi CP leader visits Basra and participates in election campaign

Iraqi CP leader visits Basra and participates
in election campaign of "Patriotic Trend" list

The Iraqi Communist Party leader, Hamid Majeed Mousa, visited Basra city in southern Iraq on
Friday 12 December 2008, and attended a mass election rally organised by the "Patriotic Trend" coalition list (No. 428), which is contesting the forthcoming provincial elections in Basra. The main hall of the Basra Chamber of Commerce was packed with people and supporters of the list.

Mousa was warmly received by the political groups of the local coalition list that includes: the Communist Party, the National Democratic Party, the Democratic Popular Grouping and the Democratic Uprising. The list, which had launched its campaign on 6th Dec. 2008, will contest the elections on 31 January 2009 and compete with 39 other entities over 35 seats of Basra's provincial council.

The program of the electoral rally, to promote the "Patriotic Trend" list and introduce its candidates, included speeches, poetry and political songs.

The Iraqi news agency "Aswat al-Iraq" quoted the Iraqi CP leader as saying that "the party believes that the unity of patriotic forces is a source of strength to everybody and does not entail a loss for anyone. Our alliance is based on a conviction of the need for the cooperation of all forces of good will." He added that the coalition strives for a patriotic project that would enable the homeland to get out of the cycle of violence and rid itself of all the weaknesses that have afflicted various aspects of the situation in Iraq."

In reply to another question about the chances of achieving good results in the elections, especially in view of widespread popular criticism of the parties that dominated the provincial councils, he said: "We are working sincerely to express the vital interests of as many people as possible." He explained that five years on, the people have tested the credibility of various lists and their promises," stressing that "we are aiming to offer truth, fidelity and integrity."

The provincial elections on 31 January 2009 are expected to be a crucial and fierce political battle with significant impact on the Iraqi political scene. There are 408 election centres in Basra, and 20 local and international monitoring organisations have been registered.

Source: "Tareeq Al-Shaab", central organ of the Iraqi Communist Party - 14 Dec. 2008.

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