Monday, 29 December 2008

Mass election rally in Amarah attended by Iraqi CP leader

Mass election rally in Amarah (Misan province) attended by Iraqi Communist leader

The leader of the Iraqi Communist Party, Hamid Majeed Mousa, visited the city of Amarah in Misan province on 13 December 2008, and attended a mass rally organised by the Democratic Alliance electoral list (No. 452).

The Communist Party is contesting the forthcoming provincial elections, on 31 January 2009, under different electoral lists in 14 provinces. Mousa, the Secreatry of the party's Central Committee, said in a speech delivered at the rally that the province of Misan may witness a change in its political life that would impact all fields.

He added that this requires active participation of everybody in the elections.
"The Iraqi citizen will show maturity in making his choices, now that five years have elapsed, and cannot repeat the same mistake. The candidates must be truthful with the electorate, and their political programmes and future plans should be made clear to the citizen in order to build up mutual trust."

Mousa stressed that the Iraqi CP's aim is to put forward candidates who can contribute to the rebuilding and development of towns. He expressed optimism about the future of Misan province "because it has taught us how to recover and rise from the ashes of our grief.. It deserves from us all attention and care."

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