Sunday, 3 July 2016

Iraqi CP mourns three comrades killed in terrorist bombing in Baghdad

Iraqi Communist Party mourns three comrades killed in cowardly terrorist bombing in Baghdad

The Political Bureau of the Iraqi Communist Party mourned a number of its members and supporters who were killed in the cowardly terrorist attack which took place in Karradah district in Baghdad around midnight on Saturday 2nd July 2016. Among the martyrs were the young comrades: Adel Qais al-Jaf, Hameed Majid Rashid and Faysal Mohammed Salman.
The party statement said that the criminal murderers have aimed through this terrorist act, which resulted in tens of people being killed while preparing to celebrate Eid marking the end of Ramadan, “to kill any opportunity for joy in our country Iraq which has been plagued by terrorism, corruption and failure”.
“While strongly condemning this cowardly act, we convey deepest condolences to the families of the martyrs and wish the injured and wounded a speedy recovery. Our people shall triumph in their battle against Daesh and all terrorists,” it added.

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